Configure PI agents

Configure PI agents

  1. Obtain the address to your PI System
  2. Go into the Figaf DevOps Suite and click the plus sign to add an agent
  3. Host name is how to access the system. If you are using Cloud Connecter and have deployed Figaf in BTP, you will need to use the cloud connectors hostname and port. P4 will not work. 
  4. Enter the required information like the example below:

    The user should have the following roles assigned: SAP_XI_API_DEVELOP_J2EE;SAP_XI_ADMINISTRATOR_J2EE;SAP_XI_ALERT_CONSUMER
  5. Fill in the P4 port. Normally this is Port+4 like 52004 
  6. Make sure you test your configuration
You should now have a new PI agent.

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