Connect to SAP Integration Suite /Cloud Foundry

Connect to SAP Integration Suite /Cloud Foundry

To connecto SAP Cloud Foundry we have enabled a new way of connecting using SAML. This is because the public APIs of SAP Cloud Integration is not as good as the private APIs used in the Web. 

You can read more about the a setup and security behind it here. 

The guide video that shows how to connect Figaf to an Integration Suite system. Withour new guide it is much simpler.

Here you can see an end to end configuration of the Integration Suite

Service keys

As a part of setting up API access you need to have create the service keys. Then you can copy and paste the JSON into the process you are using when creating the integration. 

See here how to create the service keys.

How to configure the custom IDP

You will need to create service keys for both the public API and for the message sent if you need to test messages on the platform.

Step 1: Download SAML Metadata from your SAP Cockpit:

Step 2: Copy value related to <md:AssertionConsumerService Binding=”urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:bindings:HTTP-POST” Location=

Step 3: Open Agent Dialog and enable Use custom IdP checkbox. Paste SSO Url from the previous step. Save the Agent

Step 4: Generate Entity Descriptor for the Agent:

Step 5: Go back to the SAP Cockpit and upload this file as a new Trust configuration:

Step 6: Add Role collection mappings for the IdP: PI_Administrator, PI_Business_Expert, PI_Integration_Developer.

Step 7: If Figaf now try to check connection by pressing Test Connection

Step 8: After you have validated the process work, you can remove the check mark for “Available for User Logon”. This way, you will not receive the request to login.

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