Custom migration of SAP PI Communication Channels to Cloud Integration

Custom migration of SAP PI Communication Channels to Cloud Integration

We have templates that allows you to make migrations SAP PI/PO channels to SAP Cloud Integration Faster.
In 2309 this has been moved into the main Figaf Tool and gotten a viewer that will allow you to update the templates faster. 

On the migration page you now have access to a all the templates. Here you can go in and modify the content as you like. 

You can either copy an existing template or your can create your own based on an existing flow. This is the recommend appaoach for handling your special conditions.
With this new process you can make the modifications in just a few minutes. 
  1. Create an iflow that works as expected with the channel you want.
  2. Syncronize the iFlow to Figaf 
  3. Go to the template monitor and find the iflow and the connection.
  4. Then "Generate Template" which will extract all the relavant part for the channel
  5. Now you can select the sample input channel and give the new template a name
  6. Update the channels with Xpath to extract some content from the channel or the parameters
  7. Add some notifications to users
  8. Test the XSLT to see if it produces correct result
  9. Then Save.
Now you can use this when you are migrating with the channel.

This video gives you some more details about the process. 

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