Figaf does not start locally

Figaf does not start locally

Java version

If Figaf does not start locally it is most likely because the wong java version is used. 

The best way is to check the folder where you are running figaf from there is a directory called logs where you can find a file called irt.log if you open this file you will see the java version. 

If it show something else that java 1.8.* then you are using the wrong Java version.
We recommend that you use Temurin java 8 to run if you don't have a Java on your own PC. 
Then change the bat file to link ot the bin directory of the location where you have installed or extracted the JDK. Remember to have " around the text name. 

One Drive

We have noticed that some time running figaf from your Documents folder in One Drive can cause problems. We recommend that you run figaf in a folder in C:\Figaf that way you will not run into the One Drive problem. 
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