Requirement before installation

Requirement before installation

We recommend the following prerequisites
  1. Registration for a trial at so you will get a license key
  2. Download the Figaf runtime jar file at
  3. Have a server/laptop with 8Gb of memory. Figaf can run on a laptop but if you want other team members to try it is better to get a server. 
  4. Installing Postgresql 
  5. Downloaded the JDBC Drivers.
  6. Java 8 should be installed. If you have Oracle license you can use it otherwise we recommend AdoptOpenJDK, since it does not require a license.
  7. The system should have access to the PI systems
  8. User login to PI/PO systems
If you want to run with SAP CPI then you can register for our cloud service, it makes it a lot easier to get started. 
For SAP CPI and API management you need S-Users with full access to the systems. 

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