Tagging Rules for Migration

Tagging Rules for Migration

As you work on SAP PI/PO to Integration Suite you must know your landscape well. 
In Figaf we have the assessement report. This gives you an excelent view of all your landscape items. We do check for some problems like usage of specific cases inside the mappings or other objects. 

Download the attached taggingrule json file. 
Import it under Change Tracking Tool -> Tagging Rules
Select your SAP PI/PO agents or CPI Agent
Once imported select all and press processing tagging rules
Then you should see something like the following. 

If you go to PI to CPI migration -> Overview and generate the report you can see which of your ICOs that has some of the problems. 

If you during your migration run into a new problem export it and create a ticket here with the Json file then we can share it with the community. 

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