What data is sent to Figaf

What data is sent to Figaf

Data saved in Figaf

All Data on your SAP Integration is saved in the database used by Figaf in your account. This enables you to keep the data private. Only people that you have given the Figaf roles in BTP will be able to access the tool in your account. 
  1. Login to Integration Systems
  2. Integration artifacts
  3. Test data
  4. Audit information
  5. Failed iflows. 
If a user have developer access to the Dev space in BTP they may gain access to the database and read the information there. Keys and certificated are encrypted. But it would be possible to decrypt them. On the other side the people may also have access to Integration Suite in using the other types of APIs. 

The following data is sent to Figaf via our license server

License data

Is send each time a license is requsted
  1. License Guid
  2. For each object
    1. System name
    2. Hash iflow /ICO name
    3. Type of license

Usage data

To keep track of what features is used we send use metrics like
  1. Deployment type (BTP, Onprem)
  2. Java version
  3. Database type
  4. First time you perform an action like
    1. Create type of agent
    2. Create a test case
    3. Create an assessment report
    4. Create a transport

Support cases

When you are creating support cases you will be sending data to Figaf. 

For SAP PI to Cloud Integration migration we do have option to share all that is a part of the migration case. This makes it easier for us to reproduce the system and debug the cases you are experiancing without access to your system. The arcive contains
  1. Channel templates
  2. ICO
  3. Channels used
  4. Imported Archives . XSLT and Java
  5. Message mappings incl test data
  6. Operation mapping incl test data
  7. Function Libraries

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