How to use PI/PO systems in SAP BTP

How to use PI/PO systems in SAP BTP

PI/PO systems are usually located in a private environment so you need to use special SAP services to organize the connection.
  1. First of all, configure a cloud connector on the system which has access to PI/PO. See the guide.
  2. Create two services from the command line (or from UI):
    cf create-service connectivity lite figaf-connectivity
    cf create-service destination lite figaf-destination
  3. Uncomment the two lines from the manifest.yml
    1. #  - figaf-connectivity
    2. #  - figaf-destination
  4. If your cloud connector has locationId, specify the corresponding value in vars.yml.
  5. Push the applications as usual:
    cf push --vars-file vars.yml
  6. Use virtual host and port in the Agent configuration. P4 port usage is not supported for now.
  7. Check the connectivity. If everything is fine, you will see the tests passed:

Specific services

If you want to specify all the services with Path and All Subpaths
  1. /webdynpro/dispatcher/
  2. /webdynpro/resources/ 
  3. /dir/query/int
  4. /dir/read/ext
  5. /mdt
  6. /rep/query/int
  7. /dir/hmi_channel_xml/int
  8. /CommunicationPartyInService
  9. /BusinessSystemInService
  10. /BusinessComponentInService
  11. /AdapterMessageMonitoring
  12. And a few more

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