Accessing SMTP Server via Cloud Connector with Figaf on SAP BTP

Accessing SMTP Server via Cloud Connector with Figaf on SAP BTP

  1. Before you get started you should have enabled Cloud connector. This is the same steps for connecting to SAP PI/PO from Figaf see. How to use PI/PO systems in SAP BTP
  2. Navigate to your cloud connector and configure it to connect with your local smtp server.
    1. Create a mapping between your smtp server and cloud connector.

    2. Select Non-SAP system.
    3. Select protocol TCP.
    4. For configuring your email server details, you need to fill in the specific information such as the hostname and port.
    5. To configure your virtual server details, you need to provide specific information such as the hostname and port. This hostname serves as an identifier for the destination configuration. See 2.
  3. Configure the destination service in BTP.
    1. Configure the destination service in BTP. In the configuration settings, specify the '' with the host address you've configured in your Cloud Connector. Then, set 'mail.smtp.port' to the virtual port number associated with your Cloud Connector. Lastly, input the email address you wish to use as the sender in 'mail.smtp.from'.                        
    2. Please note that you can also configure your authentication credentials for accessing the email server if it is protected. Our system supports both non-authenticated access and Basic Authentication for email servers.
  4. Deploy the tool in BTP and configure it for SMTP integration using the Cloud Connector. In the vars.yaml set the variable USE_CLOUD_CONNECTOR_FOR_SMTP_INTEGRATION to true to enable SMTP integration. Then, assign the variable CLOUD_CONNECTOR_DESTINATION_NAME_FOR_SMTP_INTEGRATION to the name of the destination you have configured in the Cloud Connector's destination settings(see 3. local-smtp-server). This setup ensures that the deployment utilizes the specified Cloud Connector destination for SMTP communication. Read more here how to deploy Figaf Tool on SAP BTP:

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