How to install Figaf to handle SAP PI to CPI migrations

How to install Figaf to handle SAP PI to CPI migrations

This guide shows you how to install the Figaf Suite, and enables you to create your first SAP PI to CPI migration. 

It is recommended that you follow along in the video. 

Install the Tool

  1. Registered for the Trial on Figaf  and you will get the license in an email

  2. Download the Figaf Tool from our download site.

  3. Create Bat File or another way to run the command

  4. You will need a Java 8 in the path otherwise change the link to contain Java

  5. Download the migration templates from

  6. Add the parameter to the folder in the Bat file

  7. Run the Bat file

We do have a larger article about installing Figaf for Windows and Linux.

Connect to the systems

  1. SAP CPI system connection Cloud Foundry ( see more here Configure CPI agents)

    1. An SAP user without Universal ID and not using single sign-on. It is possible to use SSO on the systems. The user needs Administrator, Developer and Business Expert roles

    2. Connect to the system

    3. Test and synchronize the system

    4. If you want the Cloud Foundry Keys they can be found here.

  2. SAP PI/PO system

    1. Connect to the instance

    2. User with the correct access

    3. Test and synchronize the system

Run the migration

  1. Create CPI Package for the migration

  2. Select ICO to migrate

  3. Setup the migration

  4. Handle manual steps for the migration.

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